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Photo Retouching

Many clients have observed the finished photos from glamour, pinup, or makeover photo sessions and feel that they aren't pretty enough, too old, or any number of things. With AlexaArt's bombshell pinup make-overs, we offer an experience that will suit all shapes, sizes, ages, and skin types. We've yet to leave a client unsatisfied.

How do we do it?

With a combination of make-up, hair styling and photo retouching. You will undergo a complete glamour transformation. The misconception is that models that you see in photographs always look that way. When, in fact, it is the result of artists(make-up, hair, photo retoucher), coming together to create a final product. This same artistic touch will be put into your glamour photos.

You're never too old!

Another misconception is that glamour photos are just for young women. This couldn't be further from the truth. Glamour photos for your husband or significant other is always a great way to make him smile. Many women underestimate how much their husbands will love the photos and how their husbands still see them as young, beautiful and wonderous as ever. They'll be so pleased that you'll likely be back for more.

You don't need a perfect figure!

One of the biggest deterent for women getting glamour photos is unfortunately their weight. We've photographed many full figured women and the end result never disappoints. The stigma against curves has been a paralyzing factor for some women and here at AlexaArt, we aim to change that. Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes because variety is the spice of life. Seeing yourself as a glamourous pinup can have a profound effect in changing your mindset and self image.

Scars, cellulite and tattoos:

Throughout life, it can leave many marks on you. Scars, stretch marks, cellulite, tattoos, etc. Some of them are worn as a sign of pride and achievement, some are unwanted and merely tolerated. All photos are retouched by trained staff and are left perfect. We can airbrush skin to a silky smooth complexion as well as remove any unwanted scars, stretch marks, etc.

The Photo Session:

During your photo session, we will not count nor charge you for the amount of pictures/frames taken during your scheduled time. We have many photo sessions that have frames numbering in the hundreds. This allows us to capture as much as possible and leaves you with the ability to get the very best from your session. This is especially beneficial to those who take a while to 'warm up' to the camera.

At AlexaArt, comfort in your photo session is a huge part of your end photos and is very important to us. We want your experience to be fun and exciting and for you to leave with a signature AlexaArt image that is unforgettable!!

The Results

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